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David Sanders, D.C.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I was doing research work for a major pharmaceutical company when I began having severe headaches on a daily basis. My fiance (now my wife) told me that I should see her chiropractor. I was certainly skeptical, but I was tired of popping pills every day that were having little to no effect. I finally went to see her chiropractor.

The first adjustment was amazing, and after only a few visits my headaches were totally gone. I can remember thinking this guy has some different ideas about health, but I was somehow drawn to them because they seemed right and logical. His office was very nice, his patients seemed to love him, and it was clear that he loved his work. I decided very quickly that I would love to do this for other people, and the rest is history.

I am so thrilled that I get to help people just like myself every day. Looking back, I know that I was meant for this job, and it is such a blessing. Certainly, our bodies are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and I get to work with them every day. I am truly blessed. As far as the FBI thing goes, I guess that just didn't work out, or could your next chiropractor have a secret identity? I'll never tell.

Here are a few points (in no particular order) on the path I took in building this practice:

  • I achieved my Bachelor's degree in Biology from Tennessee Temple University
  • I studied everything from organic & inorganic chemistry to physiology and anatomy.
  • I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City
  • I mentored under a true "healer," Dr. Hugo Gibson.
  • My mission is to inspire people to take care of their bodies as well as they do their cars (hence our office theme.)
  • My goal is to get people on the road to recovery and then maintaining optimal health
  • I'm not only the doctor, I'm also a patient. I practice what I preach, with weekly adjustments with another mentor, Dr. Timothy Meng.

I wholeheartedly believe that just as you brush, floss, and take your daily vitamins, Chiropractic care should become part of your regular routine. Keeping your body properly aligned has a positive effect on every other aspect of life, and we're here to keep that foundation strong and secure.


Massage Therapist

Adam King, L.M.T

Adam has been working with us for nearly 7 years. I first met Adam when I hired a couple of extra massage therapists to help us work a massage event that we were having at a local health food store. I couldn't help but notice that his father brought him to the event.

I thought that was a little strange, but he showed up on time and seemed eager to work. Throughout the event I noticed that he did things a little different. When I asked him about some of those things, he let me in on his secret power. He told me that he is clinically blind. Adam sees 20/900. If all you can read is the big "E" at the top of the eye chart, your vision is 20/200. So Adam's vision of 20/900 gives you some perspective. If your vision is 20/200 or worse, you are considered clinically blind. I remember at the end of the event that all of the people that Adam got his hands on were extremely happy. I could tell right then that he had a wonderful gift. I also remember telling Adam's father that if I had the room I would hire Adam immediately.

At the time, we had a full time massage therapist that was doing quite well and we did not have room for another. When our full time massage therapist had an injury and decided to retire from massage, Adam was the only call I made. You might think that being clinically blind puts him at a disadvantage, but you would be wrong. This is what I call Adam's secret superpower. Adam's sense of touch in finding problem areas is definitely heightened. He has the ability to melt trigger points like no other massage therapist I have ever seen. If you have had massage before, you owe it to yourself to give Adam a try.

If you have never had a massage before, don't come here, because you will be getting the best massage has to offer and you will be forever ruined for any other therapist. The bottom line is that Adam is a master massage therapist.

- Dr. David Sanders

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