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"Dr. Sanders is the BEST! His knowledge and skill have helped me manage my back issues for years now. I can't say enough good things about him. Highly recommended."

Scott A.

"Classic Functional Health provides so much more than just chiropractic. Dr. Sanders was able to tell me more about my overall health than any traditional doctor ever has. He was able to diagnose my symptoms and teach me how to take care of my body so that I would never have to be put on medication like many others who have my disease. There is a way to lead a healthier life and Dr. Sanders provides a clear path. If you're often not feeling good or tired and don't know why, or even if you do know why and want to get off meds that just mask the issue, then come in for a consult. I recommend the process to everyone I know. Your health is worth it."

Robin H.

"I cannot say enough good things about Classic Functional Health. I have been treated by Dr. Sanders for a long time and know that he and Tracy are dedicated to providing the best overall Health and Chiropractic care for their patients."​​​​​​​

Randy F.

"I came to Dr. Sanders with weak muscles in the right leg requiring assistance to walk with a cane. I also had a continual aching in the back area and was unable to rest comfortably which was interrupting my sleep. I have been under care for approximately one year. My leg muscles have strengthened, and I can now walk without a cane. Also, the aching pain in my back has subsided. I am able to walk longer distances without hurting and I can sleep without interruption. Chiropractic has helped me to live a normal life, and to go about my daily activities without hindrance."​​​​​​​


"I started care with Dr. Sanders because I was having severe pain in my lower back and down my right leg. It hurt to walk, bend or do anything. I was afraid it could be cancer. I have been under care for about two months. I thought that the only thing that would help was surgery, but since my chiropractic treatments, that terrible pain is gone. I can now resume doing all the things that I had to give up, and I feel younger than my age instead of 20 years older. I would recommend chiropractic first before going to your medical doctor as I did and all I got were pain pills and muscle relaxers. The medicine only made me feel dopey and does not really take care of the problem. If only more people would try this first, there would not be as much surgery or medication to numb you. Take care of the problem when you start hurting. I believe Dr. Sanders can help so many ailments."​​​​​​​


"I began care with a tingling feeling in my left arm, and pain in the left neck and shoulder area. The pain was worse depending on how I lay, stood, or sat. After a while, I couldn’t lay on my back at all due to the pain. I couldn’t sit or stand comfortably for any length of time. By the second visit, I would say I was 95% better. The pain never reoccurred! I can now lay, stand or sit in any position without pain. What I tell others about chiropractic is that “It’s Amazing”! I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I would recommend Dr. Sanders to anyone."​​​​​​​​


"I have been a chiropractic patient for years, with lower back pain and internal discomfort. I have made changes in my doctor of chiropractic several times over the years. Each time I felt like I had improved the quality of care I received. When I became a patient of Dr. Sanders, I soon knew I had found the best in care and concern. Since I have been under his care, my overall health is the best it has been in years. I almost never experience the really “bad days” that I used to experience far too frequently. I now feel that when I make plans to do social things, I will not have to beg off because I am “just not up to it”. I urge anyone not to be afraid of chiropractic (many people are). “Try it – you’ll like it!” Dr. Sanders is dedicated to his patients and their well-being like no other doctor in chiropractic that I have known."​​​​​​​


"I wanted to write to let you know how much your care has helped me. My car was totaled in an automobile accident earlier this year. For weeks after the accident, I suffered from headaches and shoulder pain. I am doing much better now, and I attribute my improvement to the care I received from you. Your office has always been prompt and courteous and went above and beyond my expectations in caring for me. As you know, my headaches have gone away, and my shoulder pain continues to improve. I know that you are responsible for helping me through this difficult and painful time. God Bless you."​​​​​​​


"I came to Dr. Sanders with severe headaches, neck pain tightness of muscles, and lower back pain. I have been under care for the past three months. Now, I feel so great! I used to have headaches for 2 weeks and 24 hours a day. Now I seldom get one, and when I do, it doesn’t last long. I also was unable to sit on the floor at all without major lower back pain, but now I have been sitting on the floor wrapping Christmas presents with no pain at all. A lot of people think that chiropractic would hurt, but I tell them that it feels great. I have been going to chiropractors for the past 10 years, but never seemed to get lasting relief for my headaches. Dr Sanders got to the source of my headaches."​​​​​​​


"At age 16 I was in a car wreck. I was stopped and hit from behind by a car going 35 mph. That was the beginning of my neck problems. I have had chiropractic care off and on for 41 years. Today I live mostly pain-free because of chiropractic. I have learned to listen to my body, especially my spine. I am a firm believer in chiropractic care. I couldn’t live without my chiropractor. Dr. Sanders maintains my mobility and keeps my pain level to a minimum. The care of a good and caring chiropractor is a great blessing in my life."​​​​​​​


"I had been going to chiropractors for years for general benefits to my health. Shortly after beginning with Dr. Sanders, I was in a car accident. I have been under care of Dr. Sanders for about the past four years. My neck and lower back are much better. I have fewer muscle pulls, and the problems from my car accident are gone. I have tried other chiropractors, but no one seems to be able to adjust like Dr. Sanders. If you are in pain, go, don’t get that back operation!"


"I had been dealing with hip pain and stiffness for some time. I have been under care for about the last 6 months. The pain I had when I first met Dr. Sanders has been greatly relieved. I can walk much better. My hip doesn’t always hurt, and I can now exercise. I have even been able to split firewood again. In general, I have found some good doctors and some not-so-good. This man is the best that I have found! I trust him. Dr. Sanders has shown himself t be a thorough professional in his work. But more, he is a Godly man, who uses his skill to minister to the needs of people. I believe Jesus sent him to me."​​​​​​​


"I started with very bad lower back pain. I have been seeing Dr. Sanders off and on for about one and a half years. Since I have been under his chiropractic care, I have felt great. I can function with only a minimal amount of pain. Because of my severe arthritis, I started to feel like I just didn’t care anymore. I have regained a lot of the mobility in my joints and my pain level has greatly improved."​​​​​​​


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