Do you have scoliosis and live in Independence? Scoliosis usually begins as a minor curvature of the spine that worsens over time. A 60-degree or sharper curve of the spine is required for an official scoliosis diagnosis. When scoliosis reaches this stage, it is common to experience painful symptoms. Fortunately, if the initial curvature is treated promptly, chiropractors in Independence can prevent scoliosis from developing.

Individuals would be wise, as with most conditions, to begin with, the least invasive and most natural forms of therapy. Chiropractic care has been shown in studies to be effective in the treatment of scoliosis. Classic Functional Health's chiropractic team has the training and experience to help you start feeling better while avoiding costly medical procedures. Our staff will first evaluate your overall health to determine the source of your scoliosis. Poor nutrition, injuries, or strenuous occupations are frequently found in conjunction with scoliosis. Once your health has been properly evaluated, our chiropractor will carefully adjust your spinal column to treat your condition. Pain relief and a return to an active lifestyle are frequently the end results of your treatment plan.

​​​​​​​If you want more information, please contact our chiropractic team at Classic Functional Health in Independence; call today for your free consultation!

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