The Ulterior Motive of Medicine in Independence

The Ulterior Motive of Medicine IN Independence

The Ulterior Motive of Medicine in Independence

The United States makes up only 5% of the world's population, yet consumes more than 75% of the worlds pharmaceuticals. So, the question becomes of the chicken and the egg. Are we getting more medicine because we’re getting sicker? Or are we getting sicker as a result of consuming more medicine?

In recent years, Functional Health care has surged with people seeking out a more natural alternative. And these practitioners are bucking against the system that has fought long and hard to the tune of billions, in order to keep the industry one that continues to pay them back in dividends. As it turns out, at the pills we’ve been popping may not be everything they were cracked up to be. In fact, you may be paying an unhealthy price for what amounts to a very profitable science experiment conducted by Big Pharma and your insurance provider. Here are four reasons to consider what’s really underneath the label of that little orange bottle.

  1. It’s All They Know: Allopathic medical school train their doctors to recognize symptoms, make diagnosis, and then prescribe the best medication to minimize the effects of said syndrome. A standard diagnosis will get you a standard protocol, with first, second, and third line medications that continue to keep your ailing body satisfied as your condition progresses. However, if you had a rock stuck in your shoe, would you take Tylenol to dull the pain, or would you take the rock out of your shoe?
  2. Biased Teachings: It’s no secret that the healthcare field continues to evolve, requiring practitioners to take continuing education courses. Unfortunately, most of these seminars are put on or largely sponsored by drug companies, who wield their sponsorship dollars to spin their products in only the best light. Ultimately, they’re only telling one side of the story, and it’s a very biased one at that, preventing physicians from getting all the information necessary to make fully-informed decisions on behalf of their patient’s health.
  3. Insurance Companies Tightening the Purse Strings: In an effort to keep a tight profit margin, insurance companies keep tabs on doctors that order too many tests, and request too many procedures. In fact, there’s an unspoken rule that doctors making too many demands run the risk of being banned as an in-network provider at year-end review. That costs them precious patients that most aren’t willing to lose. So, you suffer with a doctor who is too afraid to dive very deeply into uncovering the root of your problem, and instead make a general diagnosis and scribble out a script instead.
  4. Low Procedure Reimbursement: It seems the almighty insurance companies refused to stop there. They now make doctors jump through so many hoops to get reimbursed for pennies on the dollar, forcing many to cram as many patients in as possible to make up their lost profit margins. What you end up with is a 5-minute visit, which isn’t possibly enough time to get a full history, do any necessary research, and deliver a comprehensive diagnosis. Simply put, you get the short end of the stick.

Let’s face it. Pharmaceuticals are a multi-billion-dollar industry. And, in order to keep their bottom line growing, it’s imperative they keep you somewhere on the spectrum between healthy and dead. This ensures you keep coming back for more, and business keeps booming for them. Now, more than ever, in the face of a flawed system, it’s critical to take your health into your hands, instead of blinding swallowing any pill you’re prescribed. Your body, after all, is the only house you really have to live in.

Perhaps that’s one of the fundamental reasons that Functional Healthcare has started sweeping the nation. Although there are many misconceptions as to what it is, and how it works, there are three things you should understand when it comes to how they are changing the healthcare game for the good.

  1. No Political Ties: Perhaps most importantly is the fact that they are, in no way tied to the two behemoths of Big Pharma and insurance. They are a threat to Big Pharma for trying to wean you away from prescription drugs, and insurance typically won’t accept them, as they go directly against the path of least expense incurred. So, while you may end up paying more, you can rest assured there are no ulterior motives, no political dollars being thrown around, and less chance your physician has been brainwashed with biased views.
  2. The Testing You Need: If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office with bothersome symptoms only to be brushed off after a quick once-over, you end up leaving frustrated because all you got out of it was an overpriced office visit and no results. Because there is no retribution on the part of the insurance companies, Functional Health specialists are free to really dive deep and get the full scope of the problem. As some report, after just a few visits, they’ve ended up with more testing than they’ve had in their entire lives. AND with that comes a much more comprehensive view of everything going on.
  3. They Take the Extra Steps: Whereas allopathic doctors often leap right from diagnosis to prescription medication, functional practitioners take the path less traveled. That means that that diagnosis is only the tip of the iceberg. From there comes an analysis into the what, when, why, and how. See, they don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and seek out the answers to your specific case. Therefore, be prepared to provide a full case history, as far back as you can remember. It might not even hurt to bring your family tree to boot!

Dr. David Sanders is a Functional Health Practitioner, and owner of Classic Functional Health. He derived a passion for the industry after some devastating family diagnosis left him searching for answers that he just wasn’t getting the traditional way. An avid student of Endocrinology, he stays on the cutting edge of any new developments and how he can apply this knowledge to his patients. His primary focus is in treating Type II Diabetics, and showing them not only how to manage their diagnosis, but reverse it completely. For more information, you can reach him at or check out his website at


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