Be A Superhero!

November 1, 2022

By: Has anyone told you you don’t need permission to be a superhero?  Or that you don’t need someone to tell you it’s okay to help other people?  There are some amazing stories of people that decided they didn’t want to wait to help the people around them that needed help.  These were people that…

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“Cogito ergo sum” “I think, therefore I am.”

October 1, 2022

By: It’s a classic phrase by Rene Descartes – one that is instantly recognizable.  And it comes from a totally unrecognizable world – 1637.   Yet it is still true today.  Descartes’ attempt to get to the very bedrock of what he was as a human being is worth looking at as we turn over into…

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The Secret of Anti-Aging

September 1, 2022

By: Anti-aging is a trick.  And like all tricks, it’s not real.  We all slow down, grow old, and die.  But like all tricks, when done well, they are amazing and fun.  Here is how the trick of anti-aging can work for you. Take the aging progression above and expand it all the way.  From…

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The Cure for this Widespread Modern Malady

August 1, 2022

By: Here is the solution to understanding an ever-more common anxiety-causing malady.  And how the key to solving it is getting two things – knowing what it takes to get healthy – and the power of understanding how to choose the quickest line at the grocery store.   Ever feel like you can’t get everything done? …

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Musculoskeletal conditions may increase the risk of chronic disease

July 1, 2022

By: This was the heading of a new research publication from late 2018, that was the analysis of studies containing over 2.5 million study participants.  The relationship between structure and function is well-established as a truism in modern thought.  However, there has never been an analysis of so many individuals before, detailing the connection between…

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Hang Out With a Friend, Today!

June 1, 2022

By: Everyone loves an opportunity to relax and hang out with friends.  Surprisingly, social activity is also extremely powerful when it comes to improving our health.  There are volumes of research that show that our social life, and feeling connected to others, is in fact essential for good health. Take for example, the studies they’ve…

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Differences in Health Approaches

May 1, 2022

By: What do those funny personality quizzes have to do with your health?  And are they any use, anyways?   How we approach our health is often as influential as any other factor.  Our environment, genetics, etc., are very important, and often discussed as key factors in health outcomes.  But we also have other, lesser-known distinctions…

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Injuries: the Modern Military Epidemic

April 1, 2022

By: American servicemen and women face serious danger and death as a part of the daily routine. On the front lines or not, there is substantial stress in the job of providing defense for the nation. Despite the powerful images they leave in our minds, combat injuries are not the most common cause of harm…

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Miracles’ Greatest Enemy

March 1, 2022

By: Life itself is a miracle.  It affects us the way other things can’t – a warm puppy, a newborn baby, a miraculous recovery.  The joy of something wonderful occurring that brings new hope and optimism to life.   A key aspect of a miracle is that it is beyond our control.  Something that we were…

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Mr. Rogers’ Neighbor – the Chiropractor

February 1, 2022

By: Growing up, most adults today took many a tip from the most peaceful man in show business, Mr. Fred Rogers.  Mr. Rogers was famous for his kind and gentle mannerisms, his soft voice, and even more so his mild-mannered attire.  What better person to be the Maitre d’ of story time for young ones…

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