Thyroid Problems in Independence

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Let Us Help You Discover ​Why You Are Suffering.

Although the doctor says it’s just typical aches and pains, you suspect that there’s more to it. If you’re experiencing low thyroid symptoms and you’re looking for someone who will actually dig deep into your biochemistry and physiology for answers, look no further than Classic Functional Health.

​Learn more about our unique approach below, then contact our team with any questions about thyroid problems in Independence.

Are You Suffering From the Following in Independence?

If so let us help you discover why.

  • You're exhausted
  • You're feeling down
  • You feel jittery and anxious
  • Your appetite or taste is altered
  • Your brain feels fuzzy
  • You've lost your interest in sex
  • ​You have pain during sex
  • You're feeling all fluttery
  • ​Your skin is dry
  • ​Your hair is thinning or falling out
  • Your bowels are unpredictable
  • Your periods have changed
  • You have painful joints or muscles
  • You have high blood pressure
  • Your thermostat is on the fritz
  • You're hoarse/your neck feels funny
  • Your sleep schedule is messed up
  • ​You've gained weight or can't lose it
  • ​You have trouble getting pregnant
  • You have high cholesterol

What many of our patients have been told:

  • "Your labs are normal by our standards"
  • "We can manage your symptoms with synthetic thyroid hormone"
  • "You probably have depression, let's try this anti-depressant"
  • “You’re probably imagining things. I don't see any problems with your labs, you’re perfectly healthy!”
  • "This is normal for your age"
  • "Your probably just constipated and you should take some MiraLax" - Yes, we've heard this one more that once

​Unfortunately, you still feel the symptoms and discomfort of low thyroid function.

So you’re tempted to think…“Is it me? Is it all in my head?”

Stop Blaming Yourself - It's NOT Your Imagination

​Less-than-thorough examinations and diagnoses are often the sole reason so many patients suffer for so long.

Did you know that...?​

  • A staggering 90% of patients are commonly diagnosed inaccurately or incompletely every year.
  • With over 20 potential causes for thyroid dysfunction and ongoing low thyroid symptoms, not all 20 are considered routinely as the cause of a patient’s problem.
  • Many doctors use TSH alone in their diagnosis of Thyroid Disease.

Here's How We're Different:

  • We start with the most thorough consultation you've ever had so we can totally understand your symptoms and history
  • Based on your history, we do comprehensive lab testing so that we can find the real, often hidden, causes of your symptoms
  • This means that for the first time we can provide you with a completely personalized and custom care plan

Together We Will Find The Truth

  • Hypothyroidism can be very illusive, so let us help you find out what is really behind your condition. We get to the WHY.
  • Get the practical and clinically validated answers you deserve
    Follow our effective action plan and enjoy lasting results
  • Let us show you how to get your health and your life back to normal

My Promise To You:

  • We will take time to listen and take you seriously
  • We will help you find out WHY you have been suffering
  • No doctor will EVER care more, or dig deeper into your unique biochemistry for the answers you need to take your life back

Don't wait another minute to get the answers you deserve about hypothyroidism. Call our office for your $49 initial consultation.


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