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The unique treatment model we use at Classic Functional Health in Independence has allowed many patients to reverse the effects of their type II diabetes. According to a recent study published in JAMA, nearly 50% of adults living in the U.S have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Our unique treatment model has allowed many type II diabetes patients to actually reverse their condition, reduce and eliminate the need for prescription medication and insulin, lose weight, increase energy levels and quality of life, and reduce & eliminate the risks for diabetic complications and early death.

Type 2 Diabetes Facts in Independence

  • Excluding insulin, there are 488 PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS on the market to treat ​Type 2 Diabetes. What does this tell you?​ Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: "Is curing patients a sustainable business model?"
  • About 422 MILLION people worldwide are living with Type 2 Diabetes.
  • The U.S. by far OUTSPENDS ANY ​OTHER COUNTRY on pharmaceuticals. WE ALSO RANK 35th in a list of healthiest Countries right behind Costa Rica ​and Chile.
  • Switching to insulin to treat diabetes Increases your RISK OF DYING ​BY 3X.
  • Type 2 Diabetes DOUBLES your risk of heart disease.
  • Type 2 Diabetes is the #1 CONTRIBUTOR of adult amputations, sudden blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, ​and stroke.
  • It is estimated that 1/3 OF THOSE WITH DIABETES have no idea they have it, as it often does not present any symptoms until it's TOO LATE.
  • Diabetes costs ​174 BILLION ANNUALLY, ​116 billion of which is spent on medical supplies.
  • 86,000 DIABETICS undergo amputation annually.


​What if there was a better way to manage type II diabetes? What if you could actually reverse your type II diabetes. For many if not most type II diabetic patients, this lofty goal is attainable.

Our clinical approach to supporting type II diabetics is completely different – AND MOST OF THE TIME MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. Here's the difference, many health care providers test for blood sugar levels and A1C levels and not much else. We use comprehensive and extensive testing. Our patients are often surprised and relieved at the level of testing done in our office. This approach helps us to find the real cause(s) of YOUR type II diabetes. We use the findings from these tests to make a plan that is unique to your specific situation. I know that this sounds almost too good to be true, that a healthcare provider would actually be concerned about the cause of my problem, but it is true. Many healthcare providers these days use buzz words like "getting to the cause or root of your problem", but despite what they say, many of them really only treat the symptoms and not the underlying causes. None of them go so deep that they actually look at your metabolism to discover how you are processing the raw chemistry of life. This is our approach!

What If You Never Again Had To...

  • stick yourself to test your blood sugar...
  • inject yourself with insulin...
  • take drugs with dangerous side effects...
  • worry about a host of diabetic complications like...
    • eye problems
    • skin problems
    • neuropathy
    • kidney failure
    • heart disease
    • foot damage, and the risk of amputation



​Most of our patients will reduce or eliminate their need for medications naturally, as the underlying cause of their condition is discovered and addressed. Often there is more than one cause for why their body is not metabolizing sugar properly. When this key information is discovered and addressed, our patients increase their energy levels and lose weight commonly without exercise. In this way, our patients are able to ​reverse their type II diabetes. In fact, a number of our patients actually become non-diabetic.


By Mastering the fundamentals of blood chemistry, biochemistry, and nutrition. We look past the label of the disease, and we look deep into the cause for the lost physiological function. By learning to recognize the blood chemistry patterns of functional imbalance, we gain the knowledge to appropriately manage and follow up patient care with repeat testing. This clinical approach allows us to uncover nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and organ dysfunctions that are associated with type II diabetes.

Don't wait another minute to get the answers you deserve about type 2 Diabetes. Call our office for your $49 initial consultation.


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